Keeping up with college life can sometimes be a hard job. Unfinished homeworks, buying new textbooks, paying your bills, and final tests are the core to why you’re stressed. Those stress can impact student’s health physically or mentally.

If you feel like your brain is going to pop because of college and all you want to do is to pass, don’t worry. Here are some ways to overcome your stress.

Get enough rest and eat healthier

enough rest and eat healthier

If you’re an all-nighter and you eat junk food mostly everyday, you have to change that. Sleeping less than 8 hours per day will make your brain function better. If you don’t start, it will lead you to a more serious health problem. Eating junk food will decrease your energy. You will be very tired, and will stress easily. Try to purchase greens, and fruits. Make sure that your meals are healthy.

The “support system”

Leaving home from your parents and your close-ones are definitely painful and can increase stress. To overcome that, you have to stay connected to them. Call them if you miss them, chat them, or even video call them so you won’t feel very alone. Another tip is to search for your campus’ student service. SIM Global Education Singapore offer that too. The Top Business University Singapore offer a program called the Student Wellness Centre. Students will participate in activities and events that can help the students relax. SIM GE also offer a counselling service and SIM Peer Support.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!


What are the better ways to reduce stress other than exercising? Try yoga, try pilates, and try meditating. It will free you from the bad vibes and decrease the stress in your mind. If you’re not in to it, try something that you like more. For example, take a walk everyday to school. It will be much more fun if you do something you like to calm you down.


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